Residential development

North Bridge Boligutvikling AS is a development and project management company focusing  on residential projects and has been engaged in this since 2004 with the objective to acquire and develop such properties in close cooperation with other North Bridge Group companies. The acquisition and developments are made on the company’s own account as well as through single purposes companies with external partners. The target area is primarily the larger Oslo region with a focus on Follo and Østfold, where the local market knowledge is best, but engagements in good project in other central geographical markets are also relevant.

The company shall be an attractive cooperating partner for land owners, architects as well as contractors, and give the house buyers a pleasant purchase and owner experience.

The company shall deliver good housing projects with an expected satisfactory return based on a high professionalism in performing

  • project evaluations
  • contracting
  • sales and marketing efforts
  • project management/construction control
  • take-overs

The company’s administration has a long and diversified experience from the property industry, from development as well as operations with a large network.

North Bridge Boligutvikling AS has launched 5 residential development projects with a total development potential of approximately 100 homes.

We are constantly seeking attractive housing development project, and if you should wish to discuss any opportunities, please contact Jan Egil Trondsen (

Reference Project

Bilder NB1

Development project on Nedre Bakklandet in Trondheim. Finalized approx. 76 flats and approx. 1 800 square meters of business areas.

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