Lyckebäcken 3

Lyckebäcken 3 was part of the property previously referred to as “Lund Business Park”, situated in Lund in Sweden. However, Lyckebäcken 3 was not a part of the sale carried out in 2013 and has been incorporated  into a separate property company.Lyckebakken 3

The property is of varying quality and partly consists of movable office modules. The site constitutes approx. 48.000 square meters, and only part of it has been developed. The site can be of value as a potential development area for housing or other purposes. Lund municipality is expected to need new housing areas, and the area around Lyckebäcken 3 would be a suitable site for such development, also taking into account that a new railway station is planned in the immediate vicinity. This will, however, require new regulation, and a positive change of  the security distance to the sewage treatment plant situated close-by and also moving high-voltage cables. In the Manager’s view, positive clarifications of this can be expected during 2014 and 2015.

Lund has approx. 112.000 inhabitants and belongs to the Skåne region. The town is characterized by a large university environment, with related knowledge enterprises. The municipality’s activities and attractiveness are expected to increase considerably as a consequence of the establishment of the international research centres Max Lab IV (particle accelerator) and ESS (neutron detector), where billion investments have been initiated and where 5-6 000 scientists are expected to work each year. Lund is situated approx. 25 km from Malmö and the Öresund Bridge, linking Malmö and Copenhagen and being the road and train connection to the Continent. The train trip from Lund to Copenhagen airport, Kastrup, takes approx. 35 minutes. The properties are situated 1.4 kilometres from the centre of Lund in the south-western part of the municipality. Close nearby there are both office and manufacturing properties as well as private homes.

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