North Bridge Agri Invest AS

On 23 August 2014, North Bridge Agri Invest AS (NBAI) was merged with North Bridge Agri Land Fund AS, and is carrying forward the activities of both companies.

NBAI is the largest shareholder and owns appr. 72 % shares in the company NB Agri Ltd., Cyprus. The objective of this company is to own, manage and operate agricultural properties within the EU, with a focus on Romania and France. NB Agri Ltd. presently owns appr. 4.000 hectares (1 hectare = 10 000 square meters) of farm land in two areas of Romania (Western and North-Eastern Romania) and appr. 2.000 hectares in central France, i.e., about 6.000 hectares owned farm land in all. In addition, the company leases appr. 1.800 hectares in Romania and is a participating with 50 % in a consortium in Romania which leases appr. 1.750 hectares. Of the total farm land owned and leased, NB Agri Ltd. now operates appr. 5.500 hectares itself, of which 4.800 hectares in Romania, where more than 40 individuals are engaged in the farming.

NB Agri Ltd. is managed by the company Polestar Agri Advisors Ltd., Bermuda, and will in accordance With the Articles of Association be liquidated in December 2018. As the stake in NB Agri Ltd. is NBAI’s only investment, NBAI is planned to be liquidated as soon as the values in NB Agri Ltd. have been realized.

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