North Bridge Opportunity AS

North Bridge Opportunity AS is an investment company with a focus on property in Norway and Sweden, but can also invest in Denmark. Our approach to investments is between the more passive property investor wishing a stable yield and the more speculative developer. We try to combine cash flow properties and development properties to ensure the investors a good return and at the same time limit the risk.

North Bridge Opportunity AS is owned by approx. 250 shareholders.

The equity is almost fully invested in seven properties, of which five are in Norway and two in Sweden.

The company reports quarterly, and each half year with financial statements and valuations.

Investment strategy:

  • value creation through “stock picking” and an active portfolio management
  • cash flow generating properties
  • development projects with a high potential for return
  • risk reduction through advance sales/leases

Read more about the company’s properties here:

Innherredsveien, Trondheim

Sandvika Kino, Asker

Sømmegården, Sandnes

Trollåsveien, Oppegård

Trekanten, Trondheim

Eternellen, Trelleborg

Eslöv, Mörten

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