As an independent corporate finance and asset management group, North Bridge is offering services within the following areas: corporate finance, asset management, business management, property management and residential development.

Corporate finance

North Bridge Capital AS and North Bridge Capital Partners Ltd. have a dedicated team of experienced corporate finance staff offering financial advisory services internally in the North Bridge Group as well as to external clients. Our team has long experience from both international and Norwegian Investment banks, and can assist within acquisition and sale situations, in providing new equity and debt and also advise in restructurings. North Bridge Capital AS is a UK FCA regulated investment company, which also governs its activities in Norway and Sweden.

Asset management/funds management – business property

North Bridge Management AS manages three investment companies NBNP2 AS, NB2016 AS, North Bridge Nordic Property AS (under liquidation) and North Bridge Opportunity AS (under liquidation) with a total property value of approx. NOK 780 million (initially appr. NOK 1,5 billion before significant realizations in North Bridge Nordic Property AS in 2012/13). The company constitutes the administration in the funds/property companies and is thereby responsible for the overall financial management of the companies’ properties. North Bridge Management is actively assisting with the following services:

  • strategic funds management – purchases/sales of properties
  • tenant management – renegotiations and re-rentals
  • renovations  and new-build projects

Corporate management

North Bridge Management AS is a business manager for 13 investment entities comprising approx. 50 companies with a total of approx. 1.400 investors. The services include:

  • the general manager function: company administration, reporting to the Board, organizing shareholders’ meetings, loan financing
  • project management: project development, follow-up of tenants and technical manager
  • investor reporting and investor service
  • finance function

Property management

North Bridge Eiendomsforvaltning AS offers services to owners of business and residential properties, primarily in the Trondheim region. These services includes:

  • day-to-day operations and supervision of business properties
  • day-to-day operations, supervision and rental of rental housing portfolios
  • financial administrative management
  • technical management

North Bridge Eiendomsforvaltning AS is licensed by Finanstilsynet (the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway) to operate as an estate agent.

Asset management/funds management – agricultural property

Polestar Agri Advisors Ltd. manages the investment company North Bridge Agri Ltd., the owner and operator of agricultural properties within the EU, concentrating in France and Romania. North Bridge is supported by an experienced management team within agriculture with an established organization and local network in the focus markets. North Bridge Agri Ltd. has direct ownership in attractive farm-land which is actively farmed. Together with planned value-increasing efforts, this is expected to give an interesting Return potential combined with a protection agaist  inflation. The gross value of the portfolio is approx. 42 million euro.

Housing development

North Bridge Boligutvikling AS is a development and project management company focusing on developing residential projects in the larger Oslo area. North Bridge has been involved in residential development since 2004. Acquisitions and development are made both by the company itself and through single purpose companies with external partners.

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