Syndicated property projects

North Bridge Management AS is the business manager for 8 syndicated property projects. In total, this comprises over 20 companies with a total of 500 shareholders.

Police headquarters and courthouse, Sarpsborg; town Council clerk`s Office and Aust Agder District Court, Arendal; State Housing Bank, Drammen

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The property portfolio comprises 3 centrally located properties in the centre of Drammen, Arendal and Sarpsborg. The buildings are fairly new office premises and adjusted areas for police and the administration of justice. The properties have been built for and are used by public lessees like Aust-Aust-Agder District Court, Sarpsborg District Court, the Police and Norwegian National Housing Bank. The total building area constitutes approx. 15.200 square meters, and the properties are fully leased. Project value at the start: NOK 398 million.


Logistics properties

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The property portfolio comprises three warehouse and logistic properties centrally located for activities in Malmö and Gothenburg. The buildings have been constructed for lessees of Skanska and are high standard, modern and flexible. Project value at the start: SEK 219 million .


Raddison SAS Resort, Trysil

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The project constituted ownership and lease-back of the hotel’s 210 flats. In 2014, the flats were sold back to Trysil Hotellutvikling, the owner of Radisson Blu Resort Trysil. The project still owns 8 Trysil Prestige flats with a total area of 862 square meters. Project value at the start: NOK 274 million.


Commercial properties, Stavanger


The property portfolio includes 3 properties for trade and restaurant activities centrally located in Stavanger. The project value at the start: NOK 281 million


Commercial properties, East of Norway


A portfolio of 6 commercial properties with REMA 1000 Norge AS as the main lessee. The properties are in attractive locations in their respective cities and communities (Oslo, Moss, Jessheim, Greåker, Ask in Gjerdrum and Aurskog). Of the six properties, four are constructed in a manner that makes them simple to maintain, and two are older. Project value at start: NOK 160 million.


Innherredsveien 7, Trondheim


Innherredsveien 7 has a Central and attractive location in the city of Trondheim. Through a series of upgrades the former industrial property has been successfully converted to an office property increasing rent levels and more attractive tenants. Total constructed area is 18.500 m2, including 1.460 m2 parking. Project Value at the start NOK 251 million.


EngeneKvartalet, Drammen


EngenKvartalet has an attractive location in the Bragernes district in central Drammen. Bøhmgården, which is the property historic name,  was originally a residential, flour warehouse, bakery and retail building. Today the property consists of an older building which is listed as worthy of preservation and a new office building with 7 floors including underground parking. Total built area is 12,200 sqm. Project Value at the start NOK 230 million.


Recreational and Commercial property, Byala and Obzor, Bulgaria


Bulgaria Eiendom Invest AS owns 5 development properties in the Byala and Obzor area, of which 3 are front line sites with a total area of approx. 16.400 square meters. The total developable area is estimated to be appr. 68.000 square meters. Project value at the start: NOK 93 million.

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